Paullina Simons: "I want to tell different stories."

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Aug 05 2019 22 mins   1
It was wonderful sitting down with Paullina Simons, the bestselling author of the Tatiana and Alexander Series which has captured the hearts of countless people around the world. Booktopia’s Ben and Olivia sat down with Paullina to chat about the books in her new series - The End of Forever series, which so far includes The Tiger Catcher and A Beggar’s Kingdom. They discuss how the story came to Paullina and why it is different from her others, dipping her toes into magical realism and how her readers have received it so far, how Paullina's characters have grown independently from her as an author, the pressure to match the success of her other series and so much more. Books mentioned in this podcast: The Tiger Catcher by Paullina Simons —> A Beggar’s Kingdom by Paullina Simons —> Tatiana and Alexander series by Paullina Simons —> Hosts: Ben Hunter and Olivia Fricot Guest: Paullina Simons