Episode 4: False Intimacy and Dating Co-Workers (with Annabelle Desisto of Adderall and Compliments)

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Oct 21 2016 53 mins   2

What's up with dating a co-worker? What standards should women and men have in relationships? What's the deal with sex on the first date and false intimacy? In the fourth episode of their live call in show, John Kim (theangrytherapist.com) and Gabi Conti (@itsgabiconti) are at it again -- dishing out great advice and offering up their own experiences as they discuss life, love and hit the phone lines along with guest Annabelle Desisto (@annabelledesisto) of Adderall and Compliments. Let's go!

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Music in this episode is by Kevin Hartwell and Kenzo, used under a creative commons license.