Rachael Treasure: "Women’s wisdom is at the heart of this."

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Aug 13 2019 21 mins   1
Rachael Treasure is the bestselling author of many books including Jillaroo and The Farmer’s Wife. Booktopia’s Ben sat down with Rachael to talk about her new book White Horses, which is a powerful story of a young woman who has to overcome terrible loss and trauma to find the courage to live life on her terms. Ben and Rachael talk about why she wanted to write White Horses and the new direction she is taking with it, her farming life, restoring the land and so much more. Books mentioned in this podcast: White Horses by Rachael Treasure —> http://bit.ly/31zhWWv Sparkle Pages by Meg Bignell —> http://bit.ly/2YT9QLD Host: Ben Hunter Guest: Rachael Treasure