Preventing Workplace Shootings with Fred Burton and Scott Stewart

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Jun 24 2019 15 mins   4

One of the most memorable images from June, 2019 was that taken by a Dallas Morning News Photographer. It shows a man in a black armored, pocketed vest with a black cap, face covering, green clothes, black boots and a large black gun about to enter the Earle Cabell federal courthouse in Dallas, Texas.  

Another was of sobbing survivors of a mass shooting at the Virginia Beach municipal center hugging each other on a bright, sunny day.

Only the shooter was killed in the Dallas event. 12 people died at the scene of the Virginia Beach event.

In a recent column for Stratfor Worldview, VP of Tactical Analysis, Scott Stewart, noted that while incidents of workplace violence and mass public attacks are a persistent concern, taking security measures ahead of time is a critical step toward avoiding attacks. 

He spoke with Chief Security Officer, Fred Burton.