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Sep 19 2019 60 mins   931

Cet épisode de La Poudre a été publié en français le 11 octobre 2018. Pour l’écouter, remontez dans les archives ou cliquez ici : 🇫🇷.

In this episode revolving around witches, Mona Chollet deciphers why society is in need of witches (03:29) and talks about her childhood in Switzerland (06:20). She also evokes contemporary witches role models (11:03), what it means to have “a life of your own” (15:41), the economic reasons for witch hunts (22:20), how medicine was confiscated by men (29:10), ecofeminism (37:02), the cultural heritage of femininity (40:50), how witch hunts are in fact misogynistic mass crimes (46:14) as well as radical feminism (50:35).

Mona Chollet is a journalist and essayist born in 1973 in Geneva, Switzerland. Her last book, “Witches: the Undefeated Power of Women” published in September 2018 by La Découverte publishing house, is an ongoing success. After a B.A. in literature in Geneva, she left for Lille (France) to study journalism at the École Supérieur de Journalisme. After her graduation, Mona Chollet did some freelance work for Charlie Hebdo magazine. Today, she is head of publication and journalist for the Monde Diplomatique and is also the author of five highly documented and captivating essays. The last three are considered as true bibles for feminist activists : « Beauté fatale - Les nouveaux visages d’une aliénation féminine » ( "Fatal Beauty, The New Faces of Feminine Alienation" - 2012 - Zones éditions), « Chez soi, une odyssée de l’espace domestique » ( "At Home, a Domestic Space Odyssey" - 2015 - Zones éditions) et « Sorcières, la puissance invaincue des femmes » ( "Witches, the Undefeated Power of Women" - 2018 - éditions La Découverte). 

Executive producer: Nouvelles Écoutes

Production and signature tune: Aurore Meyer-Mahieu

Translation: Zisla Tortello

English voice-over: Laura Benson

Production assistant: Gaïa Marty

Recording: Charles de Cillia

Mixing: Clotilde Fauchille