Transmogrify - #508

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Feb 10 2019 17

Today’s word of the day is transmogrify, T-R-A-N-S-M-O-G-R-I-F-Y. Transmogrify is a verb that means to completely alter the form of.

The precise origin of transmogrify is unclear, but there seems to be a similarity with words like transmigrate and transform. The key is to understand that transmogrify doesn’t just mean ‘change.’ It should be used to describe something more complete than, say, changing your hair or your living room furniture. 

Scientists estimate that future generations will be able to transmogrify their bodily form with surgery. That sounds great to those who’d like to spend life as a turtle.

The spelling of transmogrify is T-R-A-N-S-M-O-G-R-I-F-Y.