Autoschediasm - #502

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Feb 03 2019 16

Today’s word of the day is autoschediasm. It’s spelled A-U-T-O-S-C-H-E-D-I-A-S-M. Autoschediasm is a noun that means anything done with little forethought or preparation.

The Greek word for something done off hand schediasm (ske DIE asm) is where our word of the day came from. The Latins came around later and added the ‘auto,’ but the basic meaning has remained the same. The word ‘improvisation’ is a synonym, but an autoschediasm is not necessarily done by an an actor or professional performer. For example: When her cat slipped from the mantle, Barb quickly reached down and caught him before he hit the ground. This autoschediasm illustrates how fast Barb’s actions are.

Once again, the spelling of autoschediasm is A-U-T-O-S-C-H-E-D-I-A-S-M.