MIT prof on institute's new course “Safeguarding Our Humanity in the Age of AI"

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Sep 16 2019 33 mins   2

The man in this episode might be one of the smartest minds we have ever had on this show. Not only is he a professor of Chemical Engineering at MIT, but he will also be teaching a new course at the famous institute titled “Safeguarding Our Humanity in the Age of AI,professor Bernhardt Trout.

In this episode, you will get a sneak peek of what will be covered on the course, what it means to be human in an AI world and what "optimum efficiency" should look like in an ideal world.

And for our Tech This Out feature, where we look at tech predictions from the past, we have solid predictions from the incredible Alan Watts and his insanely accurate predictions of modern-day tech, recorded before his death in 1973. That will be before our main chat with Prof Trout, so take a listen.