A world with no jobs: AI and UBI discussed by ex-NASA engineer and political economist

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Sep 09 2019 55 mins   2

You might want to do some mental exercises to warm up for this cognitive workout. Get ready to get deep, philosophical, and visionary.

Many modern jobs, such as SEO specialist or Instagram influencer, would be difficult to explain to your grandparents, let alone someone from 25 years ago.

Given how far we have come in just one generation, what can we expect for future generations as Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more prevalent in our workforce and Universal Basic Income (UBI) gains increasing attention? Could we be looking at a world with no jobs? Could we be living in a world where money to get by is freely given and seen as a human right?

To answer these complex questions I am joined by an ex-computer engineer for NASA, who holds an advanced degree in computer science from Cambridge University, and frequently gives talks on the existential threats of artificial intelligence, Peter Scott. I am also joined by an award-winning engineer, economist, and author who is running for US Congress, he is also a strong advocate for UBI, James Felton Keith.

And for our special feature, we have Good News, where we will be looking at a positive news story on clean technology that was tested at Burning Man.