Travel agent 2.0

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Sep 30 2019 31 mins   1

With the incredible popularity of online travel booking websites like Expedia, AirBnB, and Kayak, you’d be justified in thinking that travel agents are a thing of the past. While the traditional travel agent who simply books your tickets for you has essentially disappeared, many have changed gears to provide products or services that go above and beyond what you could get if you booked a trip by yourself. From credit at the spa to upgraded rooms or seats to private wine tastings in some of the most exclusive cellars in the world, travel advisors are creating customized itineraries that fit you and your travel party like a glove. My guest today is Caitlin Hoffmann, Owner and operator of Wandering Eye Co and Travel Advisor. She’s been creating specialized itineraries for her clients over the last several years, and is here to shed light on how travel advisors can bring you experiences and value above and beyond what you’d normally expect on a trip. For her, the process all starts with getting to know your traveler personality better.