Let's Talk Sex (part 2) - What Turtles, Rockets & Men's Underwear Have to Do With It_Episode 2

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Oct 11 2019 25 mins   18
In this episode, Leslie and The Girlfriends continue the talk about sex education and their experiences with it.* Leslie talks about how sex education needs to unfold from birth on, the critical role of relationships and how sex education is a process over a lifetime. She broadens the definition of sex education and everyone offers real examples of how to talk about sex with each other, our partner’s and our kids. “Sex education is not one talk.”

Touch, affection, creating a safe place for our children and showing them what love looks like is explored by all the girlfriends. Laurel shares the pain of being raised in an affectionless home and what she has done to repair this for her family.

Lori shares a recent visit to the zoo and what transpired there in front of her teen sons and also tells us about her experience with the Sears catalogue. Can you say, “uuuuugh” ?

Real life sex education moments, depth of experience and humor weigh heavily in this episode which closes with the girlfriends generously sharing mentoring advice to other women trying to find their way sexually.

* Please note. The audio gets loud at times and may be hard to hear. Corrections have been made for future podcasts.