Busted: Giuliani’s Associates Arrested on Eve of Impeachment Hearing

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Oct 10 2019 114 mins   1
On today's episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker and John Kiriakou are joined by Jim Kavanagh, the editor of thepolemicist.net whose latest article on the subject is on CounterPunch and thepolemicist.net, titled “Dead Man's Hand: The Impeachment Gambit.”

Two donors to a pro-Trump fundraising committee who helped former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani investigate Joe Biden in Ukraine were arrested yesterday and charged with campaign finance law violations. Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman will be arraigned in Virginia today. Giuliani in May described them both as clients. Meanwhile, President Trump said that he would cooperate with House impeachment investigators “if the process was fair.”

Turkish forces have secured an area 20 miles into Syrian territory and running the length of the Kurdish region. Turkish President Erdogan said that his country may set up a permanent buffer zone in Syria, and that it could run the length of the entire Turkish/Syrian border. Erdogan, meanwhile, threatened Europe with a flood of refugees if EU countries continue to refer to the Turkish move as “an occupation.” Ambassador Peter Ford, the former UK Ambassador to Syria, joins the show.

The Dow Jones Industrial Averages jumped 160 points after being down 300 points, when President Trump tweeted this morning that he would meet on Friday with China’s Vice Premier Liu He. Trade talks between the two countries have been bogged down over tariffs. A principal in the trade negotiations this morning called the situation “very fluid.” Brian and John speak with Steve Keen, the author of “Debunking Economics” and the world’s first crowdfunded economist, whose work is at patreon.com/ProfSteveKeen.

Last week we told you about a march on the White House that will take place tomorrow and Saturday as part of the Rage Against the War Machine movement. The event is in protest of the absolutely insane amounts of money spent on war and weapons, which then leaves little to nothing to spend on healthcare, education, clean water, and more, to say nothing of the human cost to life and limb. Cindy Sheehan, an anti-war activist and journalist whose son Casey was killed during the Iraq War, and one of the organizers of the March on the Pentagon, joins the show.

A regular Thursday segment deals with the ongoing militarization of space. As the US continues to withdraw from international arms treaties, will the weaponization and militarization of space bring the world closer to catastrophe? Brian and John speak with Prof. Karl Grossman, a full professor of journalism at the State University of New York, College at Old Westbury and the host of a nationally aired television program focused on environmental, energy, and space issues.

The Turkish military said today that its ground offensive so far has been successful, with media reports indicating that more than 100 Kurdish fighters have been killed and buried in ditches. A Pentagon official said that Turkey may continue its offense and may take an area along the entire Turkish/Syrian border, not just the part in Kurdish territory. Meanwhile, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Moscow may try to mediate between the Turks and the Syrians. Mark Sleboda, an international affairs and security analyst, joins the show.

Thursday’s weekly series “Criminal Injustice” is about the most egregious conduct of our courts and prosecutors and how justice is denied to so many people in this country. Paul Wright, the founder and executive director of the Human Rights Defense Center and editor of Prison Legal News (PLN), and Kevin Gosztola, a writer for Shadowproof.com and co-host of the podcast Unauthorized Disclosure, join the show.