A Deeper Look at Migration, Immigration, Force and Flight

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Oct 18 2019 22 mins   121

In this episode of the Stratfor podcast, a conversation about migration. Stratfor's Emily Hawthorne discusses the global and geopolitical phenomenon of human migration. She speaks with Dohra Ahmad, who pulled together The Penguin Book of Migration Literature. The collection of poems, short stories and other writings spanning more than a century and the entire globe tells the stories of migration in their many different - and similar - details. The book was inspired by a class Ms. Ahmed teaches at St. John’s University in Queens and the powerful conversations about migration and immigration it has prompted. You may find yourself asking as you read questions like: What distinguishes a migrant from an immigrant? Is not one, both? What prompts a person or people to leave one place for another? How do differing politics affect the perceived value of a migrant or immigrant? Listen to hear Ahmad's conversation with Stratfor.