067: The High Places of Your Heart

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Oct 21 2019 12 mins   1

Although our worship of God is no longer limited to the Temple Mount, we still can fall prey to the temptation to climb the high places—to follow the true God by climbing the wrong hill.

There are “high places” in our personal lives that must come down if we are to please God. We must continually be transforming ungodly beliefs and behaviors that contradict God’s Word. We must determine to climb up to the high places and destroy them. And whatever is lifted up against the knowledge of the true God we must identify and replace, no matter how comfortable we are with it or how long it has been around.

Questions to ask to determine where your high places exist:

1. Do I aim to become like Jesus Christ or like my Christian culture?

2. Do I give God my all or do I just give what’s necessary to keep up appearances?

3. Do my Bible reading, prayer, and other spiritual disciplines serve to draw me to Him—or are they convince me (and others) that I’m spiritual?

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