Episode 1 - Polly Pospelova - Open Dialog

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Oct 18 2019 50 mins   3

Welcome to the very first episode of open dialog, the podcast for collaborative SEOs and digital marketers. In each and every episode, we’ll be speaking with the best and brightest minds in SEO, digital marketing and beyond to find out how we can work more effectively, efficiently and productively with other teams, departments and clients.

In our first episode, DeepCrawl’s Sam Marsden spoke with Polly Pospelova, who is the Head of Search at Delete Agency.

Over the course of the episode, Polly shared her experiences about:

  • The benefits of starting out in SEO with a development background.
  • How to leverage technical SEO expertise to work with a range of teams on enterprise projects
  • How she hosted a Hackathon to optimise Delete’s website and get a perfect performance score in Lighthouse.