Her Body, Her Pleasure_Episode 03

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Oct 25 2019 33 mins   21
Put your sex geek on & let's get "cliterate"!

Leslie is joined in this episode by her colleague and peer Cindy Scharkey, BSN, RN, Speaker and passionate Educator to talk about women's sexuality, and in depth about the clitoris- the primary sexual pleasure center for women.

Dispelling myths and miseducation about a woman's genital anatomy and function, Leslie and Cindy have a shared focus in helping women and their partners become knowledgable, well acquainted with their bodies, freed up and empowered in their sexuality. Listen, learn, expand and try out new things to become more comfortable, confident and experience greater sexual pleasure. Enjoy!

Cindy and her many resources can be found at Instagram @CindyScharkey or at www.CindyScharkey.com