How To Create Video Teasers, A Fun Podcast Growth Tip

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Jan 10 2019 4 mins   5

In case you didn't know, video is one of the best ways to get seen on social media...

A couple reasons are that:

  • The algorithms prioritize it
  • Video catches the eye and gets you to stop scrolling
  • You can connect and share more in a small amount of space

But you don't want to share your entire podcast episode on social media - people are in a different mindset.

What you want to do is create a teaser that gets people interested enough to check out your show (and hopefully subscribe).

If you signed up with Buzzsprout, they have an awesome little tool to do just that!

Just click into one of your episodes - and on the right side there will be a button that says 'Create A Video Soundbite'.

Then you'll see an easy-to-use screen like this:

Soundbite Creator

The other option mentioned is Headliner

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