3 — Lech Lecha: Patriarchs and Matriarchs Behaving Badly

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Nov 07 2019 40 mins   19

This week, we're discussing leaving home and name changes, so, big queer feelings are happening up in here. Also, catch us comparing matriarchs and patriarchs to Brokeback Mountain, prescribing appropriate polyamorous behavior, and debating whether you should fight for your home or be willing to relocate when things get rough there. Also, Jaz gives Lulav a confusing rating scale.

Full transcript of the episode available here.

The camp song that Jaz sings/butchers at 4 minutes in is "L'chi Lach" by Debbie Friedman and you can hear it sung properly here. The #Parshachat discussion question mentioned at 32 minutes in can be found here.

Content notes: a police siren can be heard from 21:44-21:55. This episode also contains references to slavery multiple times

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