Virginia Trioli: "We forget more than we remember."

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Nov 18 2019 22 mins   6
When first published, award-winning journalist Virginia Trioli’s book Generation F was a response to Helen Garner’s The First Stone. Generation F is a vigorous, incisive and compelling argument on the ongoing need for feminism. With the #MeToo movement, it was time to rerelease Generation F, to explore what’s changed and what hasn’t. Booktopia’s Joel and Shanu sat down with Virginia to chat about Generation F, the incident that sparked this book, Helen Garner’s book The First Stone, the challenges we face, the difference between the generations and so much more. Books mentioned in this podcast: The First Stone by Helen Garner —> Generation F by Virginia Trioli —> Hosts: Joel Naoum and Shanu Prasad Guest: Virginia Trioli