Sex Then, Sex Now - Our Sexual Histories & The Education of Our Kids Today _ Episode 05

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Nov 22 2019 39 mins   12
In this 5th Episode, Leslie is joined by 5 smart, accomplished guys (also heard in Episode 4) all parents of children from age 4 to 37. With great candor and willingness to talk about their own sexual histories and understanding, it is clear all want to be solid sex educators and great parents to their children.

The idea from David that the age before technology was a "more innocent time", all men
discuss how they are trying to navigate and even counter the sexual culture and the sexual messages and information kids are receiving early on today.

The real talk moves into discussion around the consequences of sexual repression and the "sexual purity" culture vs sexual over-exposure, and the effects these have on our developing sexuality and later success in relationships. The "death of the dinner table" as well as when, how and in what ways we should be educating our kids is all brought up. Leslie brings in her clinical knowledge to inform all these topics.

The power of understanding our own sexual stories and how they can inform and empower us to educate our children well is at the core of this episode and all men had much to contribute to that end.

Hang in until the end of the episode when all 5 guys are asked to give out their best piece of sex or relationship advice - it is golden!

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