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Dec 03 2019 46 mins   113

This episode covers various levels of “extranet” to discover best practices when using and configuring Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive for external collaboration. We speak to SharePoint tech expert, Christian Buckley – Founder and CEO of CollabTalk, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP. Christian talks through many solutions that allow for collaboration inside and outside of your organization, with a focus on which tools work the best in each scenario.

And special guest Howard Kashman, Mark's dad, talks about his pre-Cloud-days perspective on “external sharing” as an attorney.

Running Time: 46:15

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Topic of the Week – External Sharing [08:30]

Guest Perspective – Christian Buckley [14:45]

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Resources and Show Wrap [45:05]

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External sharing in Microsoft 365 – an IT admin guide (docs.microsoft.com)

Create a secure guest sharing environment (docs.microsoft.com)

File protection (incl. external sharing) solutions in Office 365 (PDF)

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