Episode 7 - Chris Green - Open Dialog

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Dec 04 2019 74 mins   3

Welcome to episode seven of Open Dialog, the podcast for collaborative SEOs and digital marketers. In each and every episode, we’ll be speaking with the best and brightest minds in SEO, digital marketing and beyond to find out how we can work more effectively, efficiently and productively with other teams, departments and clients.

In episode 7, DeepCrawl’s Sam Marsden spoke with Chris Green who is the Head of Marketing Innovation at Footprint Digital.

Over the course of our conversation we spoke about:

  • What Chris has learnt from migrating hundreds of sites.
  • We learnt why SEOs tend not to be the most popular people on projects and how you can go about changing this perception.
  • We also found out about how we can avoid the trap of unconscious incompetence.

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