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Dec 06 2019 23 mins   10
Special guest Barbara (Babi) Pessanha* joins Leslie to talk about what it really looks like to keep married passion and sex alive after having twins.

Babi brings practical wisdom and strategies on how she pulled herself out of the "post partum pit" and empowered herself through speaking up, asserting herself and setting clear boundaries with her husband to recapture the sex life she needed and wanted. Many women experience a dramatic shift in mood, sexual desire and identity after having a baby and Babi allows us to join her in her journey to rising up again as an individual and sexual woman.

Leslie discusses the 3 key ingredients of couples who successfully navigate keeping great sex consistently alive during this challenging life stage.

Babi provides many strategies and creative ideas she and her husband of 7 years have put into practice to prioritize their intimate life and allow Babi to feel like a sexy, wanted wife not a caregiving mom all the time. This alone is a critical shift women need to move into with the help of their partners, to keep sexy alive after babies. Bravo Babi!

Stay tuned for the latter end of the episode where the conversations shifts into how Babi found and thoughtfully chose her quality guy (now husband) after much dating and her wise advice for all in committed relationships.

*Babi is Brazilian born and was raised by the ocean. She lives Lives in NY happily married to the love of her life Keith. She is a Mother of twins Bella and Kelvin and newborn Thomas
Babi says, "Even though I was a nanny for over 10 years before and knew how to take care of kids I was faced with many challenges with the twins, speech, sensory just to name a few and was forced to learn how to navigate those challenges. I have failed and succeeded and decided to share on social media how I helped my kids overcome some learning hurdles. My life motto is LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE!
Babi can be found on Instagram @Twinmamae

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