Feature Length Filmmaking with iPhone 11 with Rob Hagans

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Dec 10 2019 68 mins   2

Feature Length Filmmaking with iPhone 11 with Rob Hagans

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Can you shoot a feature length film in six days with $1,000 on a smartphone?

Our guest in Episode 70 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking claims to have shot the first feature with the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. The Film is called Barbara, it’s scheduled to be released New Year’s Day 2020.

Rob Hagans didn’t realize films were made from screenplays. When he was 17, he watched The Matrix from a DVD on a laptop where he saw the screenplay. He wrote his first screenplay in High School, which he dedicated an entire year to. Rob shares that the experience of sharing that script with school administrators with hopes to receive some support taught him a lesson, which he shares in the podcast. Rob Hagans was a “theater kid” and he shares a story about the teacher who inspired him to make films, Don Leifert. He and his teacher would sit in the theater during rehearsals and talk about movies and film.

Rob moved on to make several shorts and feature films and most of his films follow a theme which he explains in this episode in great detail. But why would an experienced filmmaker make a feature with a smartphone camera? In 2015, he heard Mark Duplass’ keynote at SXSW in 2015: ”The cavalry isn't coming,” which inspired him. He started a YouTube channel, revolving around how to make a movie with an iPhone and only $1,000. Listen to our discussion with Rob Hagans as he shares the story of how he traveled from a high schooler with a screenplay to an experienced filmmaker who is now making films with iPhones. Rob gives kudos to Steven Soderbergh as his “spirit animal.”

Episode 70 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking with Rob Hagans shares a lot of practical details useful to mobile filmmakers using iPhone 11 Pro Max.

In this podcast we asked Rob the question you wanted to ask. Because the iPhone 11 is so new, and so far, as much as either of us know—no one else has shot a feature length film using the newest iPhone. We ask Rob, ‘…is it a game changer?’ Tune in on your favorite podcasting app or platform to hear his enthusiastic answer and subscribe. You can follow Rob Hagans and his social media to watch his film as soon as it comes out New Year’s Day 2020.

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Watch Draining The Lizard Shot with iPhone: https://youtu.be/r5XyNSAdwPE

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