8 — Vayishlach: Brothers, Mothers, and Angels, Oh My!

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Dec 12 2019 52 mins   18

In this episode, Lulav is gone (temporarily! just on a vacation) and so Jaz brings on some surprise guests: their family! You can hear deeply messed up sibling relationships discussed by two siblings who have a close and loving relationship, and hear Jaz's mom muse about how we all have to learn to adapt to name changes, even the Bible.

Full transcript available here.

Content note: this episode features a discussion of rape and subsequent murder from 28:52 until 36:44.

Apologies for the uneven audio quality! It was an issue on the recording end, and we think we've mostly identified the issue, so it shouldn't happen again. Fingers crossed, at least. We're about to bring on a new audio editor, Ezra Faust, who will start by editing a piece of patron-only bonus content for Kosher Queers After Dark next week, so get hype for that and subscribe to the Patreon.

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