Johnathan Dane, Founder of KlientBoost (Clients Include Airbnb, Le Tote, Thinkific & More)

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Feb 13 2018 43 mins   2

This interview with Johnathan Dane was amazing. We covered a ton of stuff in about 45 minutes and he brought a ton of value. I think I learned a few things listening to it again to take these notes.

Here’s a highlight of the things we covered:

  • How Johnathan Dane got his start in PPC (it starts with craigslist)
  • Common mistakes with AdWords / Landing Pages
  • Not focusing on the important metrics: close rate, conversion rate, revenue
  • Not tracking revenue & sales
  • Iceberg Effect (and why SKAGs are crucial)
  • Why you need to balance lead volume vs lead cost for the highest amount of revenue
  • Should beginners use Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs)?
  • Why higher consideration searches do better using the homepage as a landing page
  • Why certifications are crap
  • How to get started with AdWords
  • Learn by doing if possible, if not, learn by reading
  • Why you should focus on the macro things first
  • Why you should use multi-step landing pages
  • Why you need to match your offer to the traffic temperature
  • Tips for dealing with slow clients
  • Why KlientBoost doesn’t use bidding platforms
  • Switzerland having a minimum income for humans (don’t ask)
  • Robots taking over our jobs?
  • Missing features in AdWords or Facebook Ads?

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