9 — Vayeishev: It Wasn't Really Technicolor (But You Can Dream)

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Dec 19 2019 57 mins   16

We have another guest, who brings so much scholarly energy to this podcast. Lulav, Jaz, and Jaz's coworker DiCo talk about parashat Vayeishev, AKA the parsha where Joseph is a super annoying sibling but his brothers react way out of proportion AKA DiCo's B mitzvah portion! Hear us discuss whether Joseph's coat was even rainbow after all, how culpable you are if you MEANT to do a bad thing but didn't actually do it because someone else did that exact same bad thing first, and why we can't trust police chiefs or prison wardens.

Partial transcript available here; we expect it to be a full transcript within the next 24 hours and apologize for the delay.

The article that describes DiCo's speech and debate coaching achievements while omitting his pronouns is here.

Content notes: rape mention at 15:26. Discussion of sexual assault with power dynamics from 33:00 to 34:28, including a lynching mention at 34:14.

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