DevOps and Securing Applications - PSW #632

Dec 23 2019 64 mins   5

- Given that DevOps is a process and its execution requires many different tools, how do we get started "doing DevOps"? - What about DevOps allows us to produce more secure applications? - What concepts inside of DevOps do most people lose site of? - What are the major challenges involved in taking an application from traditional development to DevOps? - What are some of the best approaches to making an application more resilient to threats - To ORM or not to ORM? - Which services do you implement yourself vs. using a cloud service? - How do I choose the best secrets vault? - What should I use an orchestrator for and what should I not use an orchestrator for? - How do I build a secure API for my app? - Thoughts on GraphQL vs. REST security implications? Visit for all the latest episodes! Show Notes: