Episode 26: Restrained and Confused

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Dec 31 2019 56 mins   2

Wimpy and Fred discuss the use of restraint against school children.  Is it ever an appropriate use of force?  Does it create more problems than it solves?  After the break, we talk about the fact that people must now be 21 to smoke.  This is another restraint of the young.  Is this a power play or is it protecting our youth?

The music on this episode comes from the incomparable Corey Cottrell.  The album can be found here:  https://www.amazon.com/Today-Tommorrow-Forever-Corey-Cottrell/dp/B005P381WG

The link to evidence for Wimpy's claim about dogs and children can be found here.  Turns out he was close, but missed the mark.  


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