DU 34: Attracting Women Through Giving Value

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Sep 04 2016 79 mins   1
Value of the time You Spend With Her… Not Monetary Value. Value is a concept that been around for awhile especially within the dating advice community. It’s about being a man of value when your attracting women and giving value to those around you. No, I’m not talking about the old pickup community term DHV (demonstrating higher value). But this is embodying the genuine belief and following through with actions that truly give value. You ACTUALLY care about the well being and how people are feeling because you want to see people be happy, have fun, and succeed overall. When you give value to those around you (not only women), you’re helping people grow and people like being in your presence. This is the gentlemen side of the Pompous and the Gentlemen: improving your dating life and impacting the world through giving value. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN: What does it mean to give value Why is being a value-taking person so unattractive How can you give value How to become a high-value man If you feel like you don’t have value, how to see that you’re a man of value Don’t Forget To Activate Your Free Dating UpDate Account Today… How would you like to learn dating optimization secrets a majority of men will never understand about women and dating? Secrets that to help you date the women you want? You can learn these secrets and more by activating your Free Dating Update Account. Subscribe today and unlock the Ultimate Dating Optimization Toolbox. You’ll receive: – The Greatest Fatal Mistakes Men Make With Women – A Proven Structure for Building Long-Term Attraction – Access to live online training – And our curated weekly Dating Update Newsletter Best part it’s free to activate your account. Get all this, and much more… no credit card required… no catch… free today… free forever! Just go to the sign-up page and create your account here. The biggest regrets we have in life are the chances we don’t take. Life’s too short to live with regret. Go out and take action today!