11 — Vayigash: Shepherds Abhorrent

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Jan 02 2020 40 mins   15

This week, Jaz & Lulav avoid talking about the state of the world as we enter this bright new decade, and instead enthuse about cool Jewish and/or queer media. Also, we learn about gender discrimination from donkeys, struggle to do very basic math, and get very indignant about Biblical economic policies.

This episode's transcript is available here

In our end of year recommendations, we suggested A Rainbow Thread by Noam Sienna, It's a Whole Spiel, edited by Katherine Locke and Laura Silverman, the music of Anat Hochberg, Hi I'm Case, and King Princess, and the Thai movie "Yes or No?" on Netflix. You can also read the poem by Qalonymos ben Qalonymos here. We also have more Jewish and/or recommendations, which you can find on our Patreon (though right now just for patrons). Also, about 15 minutes in, Lulav references Barbara Kruger's piece Untitled (You Construct Intricate Rituals).

Content note: From 34:00-35:11, discussion of modern racism and antisemitism.

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