The Power of Honesty in Winning and Retaining Agency Clients with Peter Kozodoy

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May 28 2019 44 mins   1
In the advertising world, honesty is not always easy to come by, which makes it a valuable commodity: the agencies that can master it can expect to have a major advantage.

Today we are talking with Peter Kozodoy: author of the book Honest to Greatness, speaker, and founder of GEM Advertising, a full-service international agency with a wide breadth of industry experience.

What You Will Learn:

  • What led Peter to focus on honesty and integrity above all.

  • Peter's client vetting process.

  • How to align client wants and feasible outcomes.

  • Achieving a balance between long-term strategy and the speed of the market.

  • Talent discovery strategies for the hiring process.

  • How agencies can work around the 'build-to-sell' millennial mindset.

  • Stradeso (Peter's new venture), and the impact of turnkey markets for services.

  • Trends in CMO attrition and how they should affect an agency’s approach.

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