10 Ways to Lose Money When Investing

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May 15 2019 34 mins   14
When you enter the world of investing for the very first time, everything looks like a potential opportunity, and everyone online will be telling you something different. Look one direction you’ll see someone promoting CFD trading, another way they’ll be spruiking stocks and turn around to find another IPO for the next big thing! I get it, I really do, everyone's got something to sell or a point to get across, and maybe it really did work for them, but investing is already confusing enough without all these distractions.

But that’s what they are, distractions, and you don’t want to waste years of opportunity and your hard-earned money chasing the next big thing. Investing can actually be quite simple if you can look past all the distractions and get rich quick schemes.

This episode of the How To Money Podcast covers 10 ways to lose money when investing for the first time, and a few things to be mindful of when you are navigating the minefield that is Google.

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