"I was having 10 orgasms a day"

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Jan 02 2020 46 mins   14

2020 is kicking off with Seanlai's interview with Christina Antonyan from www.confidentlovers.com

who says The Secret to the Universe is Between Our Legs.

Christina explores erotic touch with you in this super sexy intimite interview.

Erotic touch is learning to make love with your hands.

Christina not only discusses the Yoni massage, but also Lingam massage and other forms of erotic touch.

Food for thought: War is legal but a happy ending is not?

Did you know you may have been gripping your lover's cock too hard?

Did you know the word Lingam means "Wand of Light"?

Guys, you have a wand of light between your legs, how are you lighting up your lover?

At around minute 13:00 she shares a specific tool for how to reconnect with your lover after an argument that

you have never heard of before!

And at minute 17 Christina gives you specific language to say to someone who oversteps a boundary

and touches you without permission.

Mentioned In This Episode:

No One Has Touched My Vagina Like That

G-Spot Amplification Procedure AKA the G-Shot (Check out this Huffpost Article on it:


Dangerous Beauty Movie: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dangerous_Beauty

Confident Lovers Online Erotic Touch Course: https://www.confidentlovers.com/erotic-touch-video-course/

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