He Rules the World :: Revelation 21:1-27

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Dec 22 2019 50 mins   1

A young man once asked his parents, "What if I don't want Christ to return?" They asked, "Why do you feel this way?" He replied, "It is because every time I hear you all pray thy kingdom come, all I hear is the world I knew - friends, fun, job, house, sex, marriage, and children are all coming to an end." Maybe some of you feel this way. The return of Christ does not bring you joy but anxiety. The idea of him coming back means that we will miss out. For surely, we are living our best life now?

To deal with this tension of joy and anxiety upon the return of Christ, this Christmas we will start a new series titled - Joy to the World. We will explore what the Bible says about Jesus' second coming, and why we should rejoice and look forward to the return of the King.