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Jan 04 2020 1 mins   19

Begrudge is a verb that means to envy or resent someone's good fortune.

You may have noticed the word ‘grudge’ nested in our word of the day. Derived from Middle English, grudge is perhaps best known as a noun that means ‘ill will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury.’ But grudge is also a verb that can mean ‘to be resentfully unwilling to grant or give something.’ Adding the prefix BE to our word of the day gets us to begrudge which can mean ‘to reluctantly give.’ But its most common meaning is ‘to envy or resent someone’s success or fortune.’ The key word with all these is ‘resent.’

I get the feeling Tommy begrudges the success I’ve had at the office. He shook my hand to congratulate me on my raise, but I could tell by the resentment in his eyes that he didn’t mean it.