Oh, Oh, Orgasm!_Episode 07 (Part 1)

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Jan 03 2020 35 mins   18

Leslie is joined once again by her smart girlfriend clan- Jamie Miller, Laurel Avrin, Kristen Wheeler and Lori Makkai as they all discuss the HOT topic of Orgasm for women.

What orgasm is, how it happens and what gets in the way is explored.

Through moments of much laughter, this episode digs deep on the intricacies of orgasm and the
personal and relational issues that surround them.

Lori talks about how "sex proofing" the bedroom helps and Laurel tells us how to make Alexa in the bedroom useful.

The role of pressure and expectations, stress, caregiving and over-thinking on orgasm and sexual pleasure in general is discussed.

How to activate our own sexual want and keep it alive, the importance of the right atmosphere and context, plus what arousal is are all talked about both clinically and personally. Leslie educates about how knowing our turn ons and turn offs can be game changing for us.

You will also hear about what partners can do and not do to help the sexual experience and enhance the likelihood of orgasm.

The courageous women on this episode share their personal experiences around orgasm and their own discovery of orgasm.

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