24. A Year of Sight

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Oct 28 2019 35 mins   3

On Sight Day, the blind will see…and people will die.

Presented in Cinematic Audio.


The following program may contain violence, explicit language, sexual situations, and dark content unsuitable for some listeners. It is intended for mature audiences only. Discretion is advised.


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Rock Capuano as Kinnis Thale

Nikolle Doolin as Jasna Thale

Morgan Montague as Seer Yendrick

Darren Marlar as King Pasendor

Story: Fredrick Obermeyer

Director, Producer, Editor, and Script: Rock Capuano

Audio and Sound Design: EttalSFX

Music: Silent Partner

Music: Abysmii

Music: Jahzzar

Music: Ross Bugden

Additional Music: G.F. Handel

Theme Music based on “The Shining” by The Angelas: Alan PostScript

Cover Art: Kim Jakobsson

Manor House was created by Rock Capuano.

Manor House is a MANOR production.


© 2019 Manor Entertainment LLC. This production is property of Manor Entertainment LLC and is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America and other countries throughout the world.