BIB 084 Keysight Ixia Visibility and Testing

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Nov 25 2019 7 mins   3
Keysight took a different approach to this Tech Field Day briefing and spent a lot of time talking about the current state of networking threats and the events that you are protecting against. If you aren’t aware from what your network security is doing, its an good presentation for that.

Keysight has many business units delivering testing of hardware. Ixia is a business unit of Keysight that offers testing of network appliance and devices. The session covered three appliances.
Breaking Point is an appliance that can generate very high data rates for testing.
Threatarmor – a Network Security Solution with a Security Rule for Every IP Address on the Internet.
Keysight Ixia Visibility – fits into a category industry people call a ‘packet broker’ or what I call a reverse switch/router 🙂