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Jan 06 2020 45 mins   652
In this episode... - Ham vs. peanut butter sandwiches - Taking yourself too seriously - Cynicism vs. Skepticism - Original stand-up material - How to nap - Political correctness - Stupid decisions - The Me Too movement vs. hugs - Dating after divorce - Being on the road - Significant or insignificant age differences - A green horse - Advice to caller Melanie - Coco the Clown UNQUALIFIED WOULD LIKE TO THANK OUR SPONSORS: PERFECT SNACKS Perfect Bar is offering you 15% off your online order. Pick up refrigerated snacks, perfect bars or perfect kids at perfectbar.com/anna15 CBDMD CBDMD is offering Unqualified listeners 25% OFF your next order of premium CBD oil products when you use the code ANNA at checkout. That’s cbdmd.com promo code ANNA MERCARI Ring in the New Year with less stuff in your home and more money in your pocket with Mercari. Download the Mercari selling app or go to mercari.com ATHLETIC GREENS Jump over to athleticgreens.com/anna for your special offer today - 20 FREE travel packs valued at $79 with your first purchase Please subscribe to Anna Faris is Unqualified on Apple Podcasts and follow us on social media: Instagram @Unqualified Twitter @Unqualified Facebook @Anna Faris is Unqualified Music by: Mondo Cozmo @mondocozmo Co-producer: Cassie Daniels @mscassiedaniels Co-producer: Michael Sherman Artwork by: Matthew Tiger madisonavegraphics.com Production Services: Rabbit Grin Productions rabbitgrinproductions.com Distributed by: Simplecast