12 — Vayechi: Dead is Dad/ We are sad/ Raided will be Gad/ Bereishit is over — not bad!

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Jan 09 2020 56 mins   22

In this week's episode, children are "not mad, just disappointed" at their parents. We get a cool death poem, magic some son into grandsons, spoil another youngest child, and then decide, once and for all, the proper way to mourn (spoilers: however works best for you, with established ritual there as a fallback support structure if you need one). Also, Jaz sort of ended up in Christmas anthology?

Full transcript available here.

The scene from the Tamora Pierce book about a deathbed prophecy can be found in Trickster's Choice. Jaz also recommended I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver, and mentioned the organization Bend the Arc, which is doing progressive Jewish organizing.

Content notes: reference to a genocide at 15 minutes, discussions of death and dying from minute 32 to minute 36, including a death in the text and mourning riturals and a modern-day massacre, and further discussion of death from around minute 46 to around minute 48.

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