Oh, Oh, Orgasm! (Part 2) - Pleasing A Lady. _ Episode 08

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Jan 17 2020 39 mins   15
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In this episode, Leslie continues the orgasm talk with her girlfriends Lori, Laurel, Jamie and Kristen about how women work sexually amongst laughter and even singing.

How we as women and men have been oversold a masculine model of sexuality with it’s performance orientation and outcome focus, and the impact that has had on everyone’s understanding of sexuality. The negative effects of this on both men and women is brought attention.

We move into talking about the differences between and myths we hold about men’s and women’s orgasms.

Central to this episode are lively thoughts, feelings and experiences around the topic of masturbation. An emphasis on the importance of knowing how our own personal sexuality works, how our bodies work and discovering what brings ourselves pleasure is highlighted. Also, Leslie educates on the effect that self-pleasuring and knowing how one works has on pleasurable and predictable orgasms for women.

As in previous episodes, much of the fun, jaw dropping, and relatability is found in the honest sharing and humor brought by the girlfriends with their willingness to share. We are invited to hear how it really is for them in their lives and intimate relationship.

Personal turn ons that many women will relate to, creating anticipation, sexual communication, out of the bedroom foreplay and sex education via the “Friends” TV show all get talked about.

Lastly, Leslie educates on universal orgasm blocks and provides the big keys to having consistent, wanted sex.

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