With Dr. Paul & Dr. Stavros Episode 14

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Jan 23 2020 17 mins   3
In today's episode, Dr. Paul talks about the new USMLE Step 2 CS patient note AI grading system. If you're not yet aware, the USMLE is implementing (or already has by the time you listen) an artificially intelligent patient note grading software system that will rely on computers to grade your notes, not a physician. In this episode, I'm talking about the biggest changes that this brings to your patient notes, what we believe are going to be common causes of failure as a result of these changes, and how you can avoid falling into the AI-trap and failing your notes as a result of these changes. This is an extremely important episode and if you're taking your CS exam in the future, one you won't want to miss. Don't forget to download the Step 2 CS Survival Guide here: drpaulusmle.com Follow Dr. Paul on IG: @drpaulusmle Follow Dr. Stavros on IG: @dr.stavrosvmd Need help with your Step 2 CS Prep? Learn about the variety of different options we have to help you successfully pass your CS exam by visiting www.step2csprep.com