MSRcast 232: Caress of Metal

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Jan 26 2020 133 mins   8

Your hosts dive into 2020 to jam some new metal releases, and pay tribute to one of the most legendary drummers of our time, Mr. Neil Peart. Keep it metal!


Fvneral Fvck - Chapel of Abuse - Carnal Confessions

Brothers of Metal - Kaunaz Dagaz - Emblas Saga

Paladin - The River Dragon Has Come - Anamnesis

By Fire And Sword - Testify - Freedom Will Flood All Things With Light

Darktribe - Faith and Vision - Voici l’homme

Grey Skies Fallen - Procession to the Tombs - Cold Dead Lands

Rush - YYZ - Moving Pictures

Rush - Bastille Day - Caress of Steel

Rush - One Little Victory - Vapor Trail’s

Sons of Apollo - Goodbye Divinity - MMXX

Magnum - The Archway of Tears - The Serpent Rings

My Dying Bride - Your Broken Shore

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