Dynamically Protecting Mobile Applications With RASP - John Butler - ASW #93

Jan 28 2020 33 mins   21

Mobile applications are a rapidly growing attack surface and the tools and techniques being used to compromise these environments are constantly evolving. As the provider in mobile application protection mapping to two out of 10 security risks found in the OWASP Mobile Top 10, Guardsquare is most effective in providing advanced detection for on-device and off-device attacks. Guardsquare s RASP library adds resilience and prevents a vast array of dynamic attack vectors by providing detection for indicators of threat and compromise, including hooking, jailbreaking, rooting, code tampering - as well providing obstruction for debugger and emulator attachments of all types. To request a demo with Guardsquare, please visit: https://securityweekly.com/guardsquare

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