15 — Bo: G-d Has Needs Too!!!

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Jan 30 2020 50 mins   21

This week, Khesed joins Lulav and Jaz to talk about G-d's need for attention, revolutionary versus incrementalist approaches to liberation, and weird storytelling mechanics (like, why do we get instructions for how to celebrate leaving Egypt before we've left Egypt? listen here to find out*). Also, the whole episode is a Perchik Corner this episode; you have been warned.

This week's transcript is available here. Unfortunately, it is at the time of release only a partial transcript, but we expect it to be a complete transcript within the next few days, and we sincerely apologize for the delay.

This week, we reference Rabbi Sandra Lawson's podcast, which you should definitely check out if you like queer people talking about Torah. 

Content notes: this episode is filled with references to slavery, and contains multiple mentions of deaths of humans and animals. There is a (non-graphic) discussion of the deaths of innocent children around 22 minutes in. There's a genital mention around 36 minutes, and a discussion of genocide from around minutes 43-46. 

*by, "find out," we mean, "hear Jaz's theory, which is absolutely not definitive, but which they firmly stand by."

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