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Jan 01 2020 90 mins   104
This is an English version of the Swedish Radio show Vinter i P1 with Johan Rockström.

Vinter i P1 is a well known radio show in Sweden where a person is given the freedom to talk about whatever they want and play whatever music they like. Johan Rockström is a global environmental scientist and a diligent debater of climate issues. And he has been appointed The most powerful environmental person in Sweden twice. In the program Johan Rockström says there´s a climate emergency: - Welcome to 2020 The year of the Moment of Truth It´s about the future of our children mine and yours and their children. We want to give an international audience the opportunity to hear Johan Rockström´s view on global climate change. He´s a professor of Global Environmental Science and the director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany one of the most well reputed climate research institutes in the world, says Bibi Rödöö, program manager of the Vinter series. Producer: John Swartling. The music in the program is abridged due to copyright reasons.