Liberals Becoming Marxists: The New Culture and May 4th Movements (1915-1919)

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Jan 29 2020 26 mins   6

In this episode we explore the move from liberalism toward Marxism among progressive intellectuals in the 1915-1919 period, and how those ideas began to be brought to the working class in China’s cities. This includes the New Culture Movement, the May 4th Movement, and the June 5th Movement.

Further reading:

Maurice Meisner, Li Ta-Chao and the Origins of Chinese Marxism
Arif Dirlik, The Origins of Chinese Communism


Some names from this episode:

Yuan Shikai, leader of the Beiyang Army and dictator after the fall of the Qing

Sun Yat-sen/Sun Zhongshan, leader of the Guomindang

Chen Duxiu, editor of New Youth and leading New Culture intellectual

Lu Xun, progressive writer who wrote “A Madman’s Diary” for New Youth

Li Dazhao, collaborator with Chen Duxiu and leading proponent of learning from the Russian Revolution