16 — Beshalach: It's Not a Chidush

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Feb 06 2020 46 mins   22

This week, Jaz and Lulav are joined by Anat Halevy Hochberg, who brings songs, jokes, and hella Talmud knowledge. Anat also quotes from the original Hebrew easily and frequently, and we're NOT AT ALL JEALOUS. (Okay, that's a lie.) We discuss feminist leadership, how to dismantle white supremacy (more difficult than smashing the patriarchy), and quail poop.

Full transcript available here.

Check out Anat's website here, and her Instagram is here. The Indiegogo Campaign for Batya Levine's new album, where Anat will be the vocal director, is here. You can find the lyrics for Shirat Hayam, which Anat sings at 25 minutes, in English and Hebrew here. You can also buy the record Safra by George Mordechai here and find the rest of the Rising Song albums here.

Content notes: we're discussing the obliteration of Amalek (with possible genocide implications) from 8:57 to 13, and from 34:22 to 38.

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