Gas Safe Engineers, Andy, Lee and Ian Discuss the Gas Boiler Industry and Social Media.

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Aug 12 2019 47 mins   1

Gas Safe Registered Engineers Andy (AKA Gas Man God
& Lee Fischer (Green Albion Ltd joined Nathan at Ian Forbes home for a chat about various aspects of the plumbing and heating industry they all know so well.
Ian had a painter spraying the hall way at the time so please excuse the noise. And Nathan apologises as he does swear when he thinks something went wrong. The following topics are discussed:

  • Social Media has brought plumbers and heating engineers together to share knowledge
  • Apprenticeships and fast track plumbing courses
  • Performance testing on buildings
  • Is the EPC relevant?
  • Boiler makes and models
  • Shiny pipes
  • ACS multichoice assessment 
  • Could manufacturers play more of a role in training apprentices 
  • Industry is starting to listen to the engineer